About us

Who are we?

Raiton is a semiconductor company with high level of expertise in industrial proven verification and validation methodologies. We have over a decade of experience in both ASIC and FPGA platforms.

Why Raiton?

At Raiton we provide end to end customized turnkey solutions of the highest quality with the shortest development cycle to all our customers with cost efficiency.

Led by talented individuals who were involved in delivering verification and validation solutions for complex products to make life of verification and validation cycle shorter and efficient for our customers.

Our motto

“To become industrial leaders in next generation pre-& post silicon validation “

Understanding Complex Specifications and come up with Verification plan (Test Plan and Coverage Plan)

Bring up fully automated Test environment using industrial standard methodologies like UVM, OVM

Execute the Verification Plan with Constrained Random Stimulus, Functional Coverage and Code coverage measures


Assertion based Verification

Power Aware Verification

Verification Closure through Completely verifying the complex corner case scenarios,Code and Functional Coverage Closure