Hardware Verification

Design Verification is the process carried out to ensure correctness of the Design against the Specification.Design Verification plays the most crucial part of the entire design cycle as a serious bug in design not discovered before tape-out can lead to the need of newer stepping’s and increasing the overall cost of design process.

Due to increasing Design Complexity Scope of verification continues to evolve beyond just Functionality verification. Which includes performance checks, Power awareness, safety of the design to perform at multiple asynchronous clock domains etc. We in Raiton can provide complete Pre-Silicon Verification Solution which include our offerings.

We Offer

Understanding Complex Specifications and come up with Verification plan (Test Plan and Coverage Plan)

Bring up fully automated Test environment using industrial standard methodologies like UVM, OVM

Execute the Verification Plan with Constrained Random Stimulus, Functional Coverage and Code coverage measures


Assertion based Verification

Power Aware Verification

Verification Closure through Completely verifying the complex corner case scenarios,Code and Functional Coverage Closure